Okupe reveals factor propelling youth backing for Peter Obi

Okupe reveals factor propelling youth backing for Peter Obi
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Doyin Okupe, the vice-presidential candidate for the Labour Party (LP), has stated that Peter Obi is the only one among the presidential candidates who are qualified to lead Nigeria out of its many problems.

Okupe made this assertion via a statement issued on Sunday.

He also noted that the Nigerian youth, who are increasingly backing Peter Obi, is motivated by a desire to save their lives and set the nation up for a brighter future.

“The teaming youths who increasingly support Peter Obi are moved with the passion to rescue their lives and reset the country for a greater, brighter, and better future.

“In this season and times, most Nigerians, enemies, or foes alike of Peter Obi are united in the belief that he is the only one of the four leading candidates that are best suited to bring Nigeria out of its numerous present predicaments and challenges.”

“I will admonish well-meaning Nigerians, for the sake of a better and greater future that Peter Obi’s leadership guarantees to exercise greatest restraints in the type of negative sentiments we bring up just to score political goals.

“Nigeria is on divine wisdom through Peter Obi to recover its lost glory and be great again. May the Almighty God show us Mercy, heal our pains and help us all to make the sacrifices we need to make to secure the future of this nation and the well-being of its teeming youthful generation,” Okupe opined.

In an earlier interview, Okupe took a swipe at those doubting the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi’s chances in the 2023 presidential election.

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Many Nigerians have expressed doubt about the ex-Anambra governor’s chances of winning the election due to a number of factors including a lack of solid structure by the LP and uncertainty over the proposed alliance with the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) and other smaller parties.

However, in a series of tweets on his Twitter handle on Friday, Okupe declared that Obi would silence the sceptics next year.


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