PDP’s Four Legs Now One – Peter Obi’s Adviser

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The Special Adviser to Peter Obi on Public Affairs, Katch Ononuju, has said that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s is no longer on strong footing, claimong that its four legs have been reduced to only one.

Ononuju stated this in an interview on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily, adding that he felt ashamed to remain in the party.

He said, “PDP’s four table legs are not in one place. Kwankwaso took one leg of the table, Peter Obi took another one of the leg of the table and governor Wike and others will take the other leg.

“So the only leg standing is one. Wherever I went to, people looked at me and said dan gurgu (person with one leg), have you come?

“So I felt ashamed and I wanted to remain undertaker. I needed to move and watched where youths were moving to and saw where majority of those called Jonathanians in the PDP were moving.

“So I simply had to think for the safety of my children and the future of the country since I believe this is where everybody in the PDP may finally come to.”

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