Peter Obi Candidacy is an Igbo Thing

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I’m shocked at the way many people are trying to paint this Peter Obi candidacy as an “Igbo thing”. Even surprising enough is that these people are people whose sons we’ve supported in the past.
In 1999/2003, we supported the Yorubas and voted overwhelmingly for President Olusegun Obasanjo, even when the South-West did not support him initially.
In 2007, we supported the North West and voted for President Yaradua…who in my opinion is one of the best presidents of this country if not that death snatched him away from us.
In 2011, we supported President Goodluck Jonathan from the South-South and voted massively for him.
In 2019, we supported Atiku from the North East and also voted for him.
In all these years, we have never supported anyone from the South East. We even swallowed all the jabs thrown at us about Igbos not being united for supporting others and ignoring our own.
But now that we want to support someone from the South East, they’re suddenly painting it an “Igbo thing”.
Yet these same people who are being tribal and antagonistic about Peter Obi have never reciprocated the support we gave them in the past.
The South West has never reciprocated our support for them in 1999/2003. The North West has never reciprocated, even though many of them are increasingly open to it.
The North East hasn’t either, although many of them are open to the idea. And the South-South is already actively buying into the idea and willing to support the South East this time.
But one thing is the fact…
Peter Obi’s candidacy is not just about the Igbos or South East.
It’s about Nigeria.
It’s about the millions of Nigerians who are in despair and feel let down by the system. It’s about the increasing poverty, frustration and Anger in the land.
It’s high time we all came out to breathe new air. An air of freshness, an air of democratic dividends, an air of economic progress, and an air of a New Nigeria where big men with big money don’t get to hijack our future for their selfish benefit.
This, in my opinion, is what Peter represents.
It’s high time we drop the tribal sentiments and begin to work actively for the betterment of our country. I’m not saying this because I’m Igbo. I’m saying this because Peter Obi looks like the lesser of two evils. No longer do we have to choose between Sniper and Otapiapia. Let’s choose Peter instead.
He represents hope and a great departure from the status quo. Let’s give him a chance. Remember, poverty and hardship know no tribe and religion. Let’s give Peter a chance. And if he gets into office and fumbles, we will also vote him out!
Vincent Chukwuma.
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