Reasons Why Nasarawa Governor, Sule Gave Peter Obi Smallest Venue In Lafia For His Campaign

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He also said the gathering was small despite giving them a small venue to kick off their campaign in the state.

The Nasarawa State Governor, Abdullahi Sule, has said the presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi, was given a football field for his campaign because that was the only available venue.

Sule stated this in an interview on Channels TV on Wednesday noting that Obi was given the smallest venue in Lafia because bigger venues were under repair.

“For your information when they asked for a venue, we gave him the smallest venue of our events in Lafia, that’s a small football field, just around the science school, not because we didn’t want to give them the stadium; our stadium actually, there’s work going on there; not because we didn’t want to give them the Lafia square which is almost like the Eagle’s Square (in Abuja) in size.

“We would have given them even the square but unfortunately there was another event also going on there, I was worried because we didn’t have enough space to give them but we gave them a small football field just by a secondary school and I don’t want to criticise anybody but you have seen the gathering as far as that field is concerned.”

“That’s what you see or whatever it is that you see on there but remember as I told you, if you look at the gathering in Lafia; not only in Lafia in the science school, elementary school football field and then that’s the gathering; if that’s what they are looking at as gathering; well, welcome onboard; I wish them well.”

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“I was in Kano about a week ago with our own presidential candidate, the same day we were in Kano, these are the two biggest states when it comes to the number of votes, Kano stood still; it took more than 5 hours to move from the airport in Kano just close to the government house, you have seen what happened that day in Lagos.

“Some of these scares that you’re getting; maybe on the pages of newspapers we have seen no other presidential candidate that had that kind of crowd that we have seen and these are not hired crowds; these are crowds that believe in the party, these are people saying that we still believe in APC, we have done so much.”

Speaking on the terror alert by foreign countries he said the United States should stop scaring Nigerians and give any security alert through the right channels.

He also added according to some intelligence reports there ought to be no Nigeria by now as some reports had earlier suggested that there would be no Nigeria by 2015.

“We have seen so many other places in Nigeria that were attacked, we have seen so many America embassies that were attacked no alert and we have seen situations where there was alert and yet there was nothing.

“I’m not saying that there’s wrong with sending alert I’m just saying the method of communicating that alert to the government of Nigeria and eventually to the people of Nigeria is just what my argument is all about,” the governor said.

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