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See What Peter Obi’s supporters Did on June 12

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Supporters of Peter Obi, the 2023 presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP took advantage of the celebration of June 12, Democracy Day to popularise the party with the wide circulation of the party’s logo on social media.

See What Peter Obi's supporters Did on June 12
Peter Obi of the Labour Party

Peter Obi had urged them to “put the logo up on this WhatsApp status, profile picture on their various social media accounts.

He said this early Sunday morning via his verified Twitter account, signed PO.

It read: “From 6 am today, put this up as your profile photo, WhatsApp status, everywhere. This is how we celebrate our right to vote. This is how we’ll celebrate democracy. #DayOfObidience #MyPeterObi #VoteLabourParty

In another tweet, he wrote; “We’ll create the structure, and they’ll see what the structure is all about. The structure is about human beings.

“The elderly, our mothers, fathers, and the old ones dying or being owed gratuity/pension will be the structure. ASUU; the lecturers that are being owed, and the students who are not in school will be the structure.

“Whenever I hear of NO STRUCTURE, my answer to it is simple; the 100 million Nigerians that live in poverty will be the structure. The 35 million Nigerians who don’t know where their next meal will come from will be the structure. — PO


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