Social media will vote in 2023 – Obi’s running mate, Baba-Ahmed

Why I accepted to be Peter Obi’s running mate – Datti Baba-Ahmed
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The vice presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, has stated that those who use social media will vote in the 2023 presidential election, contrary to some opinions.

Baba-Ahmed said this on Friday night when he appeared on Channels TV where he noted that money will not be the deciding factor in the outcome of the elections.

The PUNCH reported that the presidential candidate of the LP, Peter Obi, had unveiled Baba-Ahmed as his running mate earlier on Friday morning.

He said, “Go and start looking at the bookings of major European airlines into Nigeria, not just during Christmas time; funny enough, this time after Christmas time; late January to the third week of February, you will see that they are getting full.

“I am into the business of data and statistics and I decided to particularly look at that. This tells you that social media is going to vote. Social media, even if they’re in Canada, even if they’re in Antarctica; one person is there and he mobilises 100,000 people to go out and vote, it has succeeded. But we are not scared.

“The bank balance of any big politician is starting to be irrelevant. Those of us who sweated for the little that we have, we’re spending it very wisely and very carefully. Those of them who made it from government, who just open the coffers and bring it out, they’ll continue to splash it and it will continue to mean less and less till the election hour.”

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Baba-Ahmed also stated on the show that if elected into office, their administration will not be nepotistic in appointments, and expressed the desire to fix the education system in Nigeria.

The Pro-chancellor of Baze University also stated that he liked Obi and the principles of the Labour Party.

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