Why Peter Obi is running

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SIR: Nigeria deserves a political leadership that can rescue it from the morass of economic strangulation and the backwaters of technological backwardness. So it behoves us to cast our votes wisely in the 2023 presidential election.

Peter Gregory Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, is the man who the cap fits regarding the Nigerian presidential seat. A man renowned for his parsimonious nature, he expertly husbanded the economy of Anambra State, and grew it to an astonishingly great heights. As a result, the Anambra State’s finance was in a fine fettle. So, he was able to execute many infrastructural projects in the state. Not only did he construct new roads and repair bad ones, but he also re-built schools’ in Anambra State, which were in decrepit condition. He equipped mission hospitals in the state with modern medical equipment, and gave them facelift, too.

That he turned around the health and educational sectors in Anambra State is an indisputable fact. He injected money into the education sector, and handed schools that were originally owned by the church back to them for the efficient and proper management of the schools. So not surprisingly, during his stay in office as the governor, the state recorded excellent results in such examinations as NECO and SSCE, coming tops in those examinations for many years.

His leadership examples and achievements have become touchstones and benchmarks for assessing successive governors of Anambra State. The legacies of infrastructural development, revamping of the health and educational sectors, and the prudent management of the Anambra State financial resources, which he left behind in Anambra State, have endeared him to us.

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Unlike some other past state governors and political actors, who have the sword of Damocles of allegation of financial misdemeanours hanging over their necks, Peter Obi is not standing trial for any financial misdemeanour.

His antecedents and doings have shown that he will unite the Peoples of Nigeria rather than divide them. He will bridge the chasm of disunity caused by our ethnic and religious differences by seeing every part of Nigeria as his constituency and ruling us with fairness.


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